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Water-based thick film and high gloss varnish

The composition of water-based high gloss varnish:

Water-based acrylic resin, amino resin, additives,water

Features of water-based metal stoving varnish :

Coatings applicable to surface of inside and outsideof metal work-piece, alternative kinds of solvent baking paint.

Used for decoration and protection of metal surface,especially for aluminum metal, alloy, stainless steel and other metals densitymaterial has excellent adhesion properties.

Mainly used in lamps and lanterns, householdappliances metal surface, metal crafts, such as plating metal device surfacefor plating the paint coat, also can be used as automobile, motorcycleaccessories, such as tank protection and decorative coatings.

Not only has high hardness and good flexibility, butalso has excellent antirust property and long storage stability.

Paint film on the surface of various performancetesting qualified, by complying with the requirements of Europe and the UnitedStates SGS quality certification testing technology.

Compared with the solvent metal baking lacquer thatbake, water-soluble metallic paint ageing resistance performance is good,non-toxic, non-polluting, not burning detonation characteristics more unique.